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​​"We've been hunting wild pheasant in the Imperial Valley for 13 years. Mendel's hunts are as good as they get. We've been back 3 times already this year. A definite recommend!​"

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  We close April 3, 2016 !                4 Roosters $135                                                                                                               6  Roosters $185   

                                                          World Class Dogs and Handlers 




                           9 Private Ranches + 9,000 Acres + 9 Months of Hunting.                                                                  7 Days a Week        

                      Hunt Dove, Pheasant, Quail, Chukar, Ducks and Turkey.                                                                 7 am to Sunset  

                      Large fields, thick cover and lots of birds to chase.                                                                        Unlimited Hunt days !         

                                                                                                Your family, guests and dogs are always welcome.

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Bruce Campbell

Chino Hills, CA 

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Dove • Pheasant • Quail Chukar • Ducks• Turkey

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Woodland's Hunt Club

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We hunted alfalfa and some ditches with our Labs then walked some sudan grass and a milo field that reminded me of my 2015 trip to South Dakota "Fantastic". If you want a challenging hunt give Woodland's a try.


Jim Oblanchinski

Las Quinta, CA.