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Woodland's Hunt Club

1600 Edgar Road

Imperial, CA 92251


John Davis 

Menifee, California

"We had another great Dove Shoot in 2015. Can't wait for the second season Pheasant and Dove opener it was awesome the past 2 years !

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Pro Dog handlers and bird cleaning are included.

         Mendel Woodland  626-255-1422  





​​"We've been hunting wild pheasant in the Imperial Valley for 13 years. Mendel's hunts are as good as they get. We've been back 3 times already this year. A definite recommend!​"

Dove • Pheasant • Quail Chukar • Ducks • Turkey

​         ​​​​Woodland's Hunt Club

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Pheasant + Quail + Chukar

Upland Bird Hunts

October add a Free Pheasant !

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Pheasant & Dove Hunts

Nov.14 - 15

Memberships       Sept.1- May 31, 2016                                                 No Crowds

Bruce Campbell

Chino Hills, CA 



                           9 Private Ranches + 9,000 Acres + 9 Months of Hunting.                                                                  7 Days a Week        

                      Hunt Dove, Pheasant, Quail, Chukar, Ducks and Turkey.                                                                 7a.m. to Sunset  

                      Large fields, thick cover and lots of birds to chase.                                                                        Unlimited Hunt days !         

                                                                                                                                                    Your family, guests and dogs are always welcome.