LEAD IS OKAY until Jan.1, 2019

Pheasant Hunt !

Dove Hunt !

Pheasant and Dove Hunts

​Nov.11- Dec. 25, 2017

Woodland's Hunt Club allows hunters to customize any upland bird hunt

Call or text Mendel Woodland 626-255-1422 or email: mendel@whuntclub.com

Pheasant Hunt                                                                                                                       3 Pheasant $130 per hunter.

Ultimate Pheasant Hunt

Bag 5 Pheasant we release 7 !

​Pheasant and Dove Hunt Nov. 11 - Dec. 25, 2017

Bag 5 Pheasant  and 15 Dove !

$395 per hunter       Includes a Dog Handler and Bird processing

Pheasant, Quail and Chukar Hunt

3 Pheasant

3 Chukar

6 Quail

Dog Handler and bird processing are included


Begin your morning walking through fields of alfalfa and bermuda grasses while chasing pheasant with an experienced dog and handler. Our miles of ditches are roaded and made for bird dogs. Bonus alert we can encounter some Quail or Chukar. Hunting license and bird stamp are required. Dove # 7.5 and Pheasant 6's LEADS OKAY TO SHOOT !
"No Membership Required"        
Save Time and Money hunt with your Dogs, your Guns, and closer than Mexicali ?

Pro Dog Handlers are $100 per day 1 or 2 hunters can share the cost, extra hunters are $35 per person.

​Chukar                                                            Quail
6     birds      $135                                           12   birds     $185
10   birds      $200                                           25   birds     $300
20   birds      $360                                           100 birds     $1,000
100 birds      $1600

What Hunters are Saying

"Pheasant hunting in the morning and dove in the afternoon reminded me of days in Mexicali. Your dogs put on a clinic and Dog handlers Chris and Rich are Pros !"

                                                                                                                                -James Mendenhall
                                                                                                                                 San Diego, CA

What's Required​
Hunting license and Upland bird stamp
Blaze Orange Hat or Vest 
Excluding Dove
Guns + Ammo Safety Glasses recommended
Phone or email reservations
No Low Bird Shooting !

​Your welcome to hunt private fields all day with your own dogs for that memorable experience! 

Show up early and shoot some complimentary clay targets to get your game on.  

We're open at 7am to sunset  7 days a week.

​Mendel Woodland 626-255-1422                                                                                                 email:  mendel@whuntclub.com