​​​​​​​​​Dove Nov.10- Dec. 24,2018

Dove Shoots     
(Lead Shot is Legal)       
Sept.1- 15, 2018           Book Now 626-255-1422

Bag limit 15 Dove  Shoot over Stubble Wheat Fields!
Cost $150 per person 

Ultimate Dove Shoot !     (Lead Shot is Legal)    
Bag limit 15 Dove and 15 Eurasians

Shoot a Feedlot or Cut grain fields. Bag up to 30 Birds!
$250 Per person   
  ( Limited to 25 shooters )

Dove and Pheasant Hunts Nov.10- Dec. 23, 2018

Bag 5 Pheasant and 15 Dove

Includes a Dog Handler and Bird processing

$395 per hunter

Experience exciting wing shooting over cut wheat and sudan fields while decoying dove. My feedlot and lemon groves provide fast shooting. Improved cylinder is your best choice 12 and 20 gauge are most popular. Lead Shot #7.5 or 8's are Legal. Forthat Ultimate Challenge bring along your 28 or 410 gauge. Many hunters last year said it was the best dove shoot of their life. We averaged 10.5 dove per shooter over 15 days of hunting !  The Second Dove season Nov. 11 - Dec. 25 we shoot once a day giving the birds an evening or morning rest it seems to be the magic formula for shooting dove all 45 days. Book now Call Mendel Woodland at 626-255-1422

email: mendel@whuntclub.com  *Safety Glasses are recommended.

What Hunters are Saying

"Back to back to back years of limits of dove way to go Mendel ! Thanks for the over the top Eurasian dove shoot also."                                                                      -Dale Cotton

​                                                                                                                               Glendora,CA

​Mendel Woodland 626-255-1422

​email: mendel@wuntclub.com

Dove Hunts!